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Would you like to improve the online visibility of your website or webshop in search engines? Are you looking for an experienced company to fix this for you? At Argiweb, we have a suitable SEO package for every purpose. You can choose from three packages: the Traffic Starter package, the Traffic Booster package (recommended) and the Traffic Power package.

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301 & 404 redirects ?

The 301 header tells you when a URL will expire in its entirety and the content is placed in a different location. Pages where no content can be found for the visitor should be given the 404 status. This includes non-existent urls, such as typos or URLs that have expired. Because there is no substantive content on these pages, it is not interesting to rank with such a URL. When the search bot comes across a page with the 404 status, it will not be included in the search results. Link value to a page with the 404 status will expire.

Permanent redirection
Basic On Page checklist for website ?

We use the following points to optimize your website.

Create meta tags (title, description, keywords)
XML sitemap installation and update on website
Robots.txt file installation and update
Alt tag image search engine optimization and update on website
Dual content analysis, clean-up, and implementation
Internal linking analysis and implementation
Navigation bar title
Broken Link Test ?

Broken links are links that do not work. These links give a 404 error when clicked, so also an extra 404 error for the search engines crawling the website. A broken link can be an internal link, but also an external link. When a visitor to a website clicks on a broken link, the website must have a good and clear 404 page.

Check non-working links throughout the website
Fix broken links
Content optimization test ?

Content optimization is part of search engine optimization. It means that the texts on your website are optimized.

Prevent hidden content
Check for duplicate / deleted content
Don’t mix up languages on web page
Don’t overuse keyword phrases
Don’t overuse bold words
Nofollow all unreliable UGS links
CSS validator check ?

The validator indicates if the CSS may involve risks when it comes to user-friendliness.

Validate all CSS files
Implementation of CSS validation
Custom 404 page test ?

A 404 error is a technical name for a message that says that a visited page no longer exists. In fact, you end up with a link that no longer works. We call this a broken link. We test your website if you have a 404 page and develop or optimize this page for you.

Check custom 404 page on website
Create custom 404 error page on website
Favicon test ?

A favicon (short for “favorite icon”) is the 16 x 16 pixel size image that is displayed in your browser's address bar, browser tabs, and favorites list. It provides extra recognisability and increases the branding of your website.

Check website favicon
Implementation of favicon
Google My Business account installation ?

By using Google My Business your company will be easier to find because the company data can be easily indexed. You then increase the chance of getting into the local 3-pack and you can be found in Google Maps when you claim your location.

Create and install Google My Business profile
Google Page Speed Insights ?

Google finds the speed of a website very important. Slow loading is penalized and also affects the SEO ranking of the website. A slow website will not keep visitors for long. This is registered as a bounce by Google, and will therefore increase the bounce rate. All the more reason to pay attention to this topic.

Google page speed analysis
Improve Google page speed score
Google Search Console Tracking installation ?

Search Console is a tool from Google for webmasters with which the presence of a website in the Google search results can be tracked and checked. Google Search Console (GSC) is one of the most important tools for SEO and insight into the performance of your website. GSC is, as it were, in between Google and your website and provides insight into many aspects that the search engine attaches value to.

Google Search Console Tracking Installation for Website
XML Sitemap Indexing via Google Search Console
Robots.txt verification via Google Search Console
Add new links in Google Search Console
Google Tag Manager (GTM) Tracking installation ?

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a handy tool with which you can place scripts on your website. By setting tags, certain data can be measured on your website. Think of e-commerce and traffic data that you view in Google Analytics, but also conversion data from Google Ads. This easily gives you more insight into the behavior of your visitors: events such as clicks on your telephone number or certain calls to actions can be measured, such as form requests and contact requests.

Link Google Analytics with Tag Manager
All pages display tracking
Phone number Click Tracking
Email Link Tracking
Contact Form Query Tracking
Facebook Pixel Implementation via GTM
e-Commerce event tracking via GTM
H1 and H2 tag optimization ?

The H1 heading describes the main topic of the page. It must be very content related and unique on your website, and a page should only contain one H1 heading. H2 – H6 headings are used to give the content more structure. The use of H2 headings is recommended, and the use of H3-H6 headings is optional.

H1 Check for useful Keywords
Implementation of H1 tag
HTML Validation ?

Once a page has been developed, it is a good idea to double-check the HTML code to correct any errors. We do this with a validator.

HTML Compression Test
W3C Markup Validation Service
Reduce page size and page load time
HTTPS test and implementation ?

HTTP is the standard protocol of a website; for example, a URL often starts with "http: //". HTTPS is another secure way to send data. The extra "S" stands for Secured. Information is encrypted so that only the sender and receiver can read the information (and no third parties who want to harm).

HTTPS url checking of the website
Implementation of HTTPS on the website
Keywords Research ?

A good SEO strategy always starts with an SEO keyword research. Also when developing a new website, it is not the functional design that is the first step, but a keyword research. Through keyword research you will get to know your target group and discover whether different SEO keywords are used for the same subject in the business or consumer market.

Finding Keywords That Can Be Used For On-Page SEO
Preparing usable keyword list for website
Navigation analysis & amp; recommendations ?

A clear navigation structure is necessary for a good user experience on your website. This means that visitors spend more time on your website and the chance that they will come back increases. We also apply breadcrumbs to your website to improve navigation on your website.

Check link navigations and recommend the correct link
SEO friendly URL test ?

The URL is the one thing that completely differentiates the page from other pages on the web. It is one of the most important ranking factors for SEO. It is the case that search engines first look at certain URL properties before determining the specific ranking of the page in search results, such as structure, format of the URL, dynamic or static URL, length of the URL, etc.

Check if the website URL is SEO friendly
URL Rewrite
Social media link test ?

By putting social media icons on your website, your visitors can learn more about you and follow, like or become friends with your website on these social media channels.

Testing and checking Social media links on the Website
Implementation of Social icons with links on Website
Structured data (schema markup or rich snippets) ?

Image result for Structured data seo Structured data or 'markup' are pieces of code or 'markers' that you add to the content on your web pages. These pieces of code have a specific structure that is read by Google's machines. This helps search engines better understand the content.

Testing Structured Data
Implementation of Structured Data
Universal Google Analytics Tracking installation ?

Google Analytics provides a good basis for insight into the website and can be linked to Google AdWords and Google Webmaster Tools. Google Analytics tells you, among other things, how visitors came to your site, what the most popular parts of your website are, what your customers have done on your site and how much time visitors spend on your website on average.

Install Analytics tracking with tracking ID
Google Analytics Set Goals
Funnel Setup voor Analytics Doelen
Google Analytics and Google Search Console Link
Google Analytics and Google Adwords Linking
Google Analytics Sales Tracking Installation
URL canonicalization test ?

Rel = "canonical", or canonical URL, is an HTML element that prevents duplicate content. The canonical URL signals to search engines which of the identical or very similar pages to index. By canonicalization is meant the process of choosing one version of a page over other versions.

Test the website URL to see if it is canonical or not
Implementation of URL canonicalization

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